What does it consist of Company Identity ?


The logo, which represents your brand in all printed or digital materials and is the most basic corporate identity element, should reflect your brand’s goals and value in the best

Business card

Business cards, which are a signature for your company employees, are prestige elements that you will use to reinforce the integrity of both your employees and your corporate image and to increase your awareness in the sector.


Packages that represent the features of the products you offer and the identity of your brand should be designed to protect your integrity within the elements specified in the corporate identity guide, as they are your most visible face in the market.


The sign to be used in your company’s own building or billboards should be prepared according to the features specified in your brand’s corporate identity guide.

Printing Materials

Materials such as brochures, catalogs, and flyers that are used in print and prepared for promotion or announcement should be designed according to the rules specified in the corporate identity guide.

Web Page

Your website, which is considered the center of your company in the digital market, should be compatible with your physical company and the service you offer, from design to colors, from payment page to product / service promotion.

E-Mail Signature

As with all printed and digital materials, your e-mails should be arranged in a design suitable for your corporate integrity.


It should be determined separately for stationery such as paper, envelope, notepad, invoice and the designs should be created by considering the integrity of your brand.

Promotion Products

Promotional products are among the most important materials of the public relations process. Promotions that focus on direct sales or promotion allow you to promote your brand identity and increase your awareness.

Europe Software acknowledges that your brand branding has an effect on your bottom line. A good organization and product identity would improve the sales and marketing relations strategy. A good corporate identity will strengthen, build and project an impression that can help you market your product or service.

Your Company Identity Design

We’re working to make the company’s identity template just what you’re looking for. The corporate identity design of an organization is not just its personality, but also its raison d’être, its heart, and its soul. The picture of the company’s “personality” would make it recognizable and distinct from the rest of the company. A cleverly detailed approach for Logo Design & Branding helps the business to stand out and leave a lasting impact.

When designing your business branding, we provide all the elements, concepts, strategies and tactics that your brand requires to be known. The following are part of our corporate identity design; logo design, design of business cards, design of stationery, marketing materials, and much more.

We recognize that the brand strengthens a clear business identity and helps you to become familiar to the target audience. Therefore, we aim to create just what you are looking for while designing the identity design of your organization.

Custom Web Design

You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your guest, so content must be delivered in a convincing way. With carefully selected graphic features, interface and navigation based on achieving optimum performance, Europe Software Web Designs will build custom designed websites. We have a mobile-optimized approach to responsive design to make the website look stunning on all platforms.

Custom Web Development

To satisfy your market demands, we will build personalized database-based content management systems (CMS). We will build and code it to suit your request, if you want an e-commerce catalog, brochure page for your English school, sales lead generator, social networking sites and platforms or some other web solution.

Photography, Logos and Branding

We can provide that within the EUROPE area if you need professional-quality photos of your office or product range. By developing unique and memorable brand logos, we can also help you distinguish yourself from the competition. Including QR codes, we handle the design/printing of brochures, flyers, stationary, promotional products and business cards.

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