By achieving first page rankings in search engines for valuable keywords, drive targeted traffic for your website. Our way is to showcase your website on a platform which has plenty of users and instant credibility. In this way your website and business plan can make benefits out of our way.

For today, consumers rely heavily on search engines to find what they need. Google receives 63,000 searches in a second is a huge proof to show consumer’s habit. These searches include finding products, reviewing brands, and searching businesses. Therefore, when a brand appears on the first page of search results, it gains consumers’ trust.

As Europe Software, we use SEO to build trust in your target audience. We place your brand on search engines they trust; with the keywords and terms they’re looking for. One of our customers’ traffic reports. We’ve increased site traffic from 1,000 visitors a day to less than 10,000 a day, all in the first three months.

Our SEO process includes:

Market research for your business to see what keywords your customers are searching for

Keyword research and analysis on these keywords to find out which ones can be ranked easiest

Complete SEO implementation on every page of your site

A link building strategy that is spam free and only provides quality links from real sites in your industry

Including social media in process to provide important “social connections” that search engines now need

SEO is no longer just about rankings. It is having trust relationship for our target audience, answering their questions, relieving their concerns and providing them with great content.

With our Search Engine Marketing Services, we can help your business reach the next step. Our team will evaluate your website to select which Search Engine Marketing Services best suit your business needs, helping it develop to the next level.

Search Engine Marketing is one of our services which includes Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing Solutions, Tracking & Reporting, Pay Per Click, and much more.

Website Audit
Technical SEO
Keyword Research
Keyword Optimization
Link Building

On-site SEO 


On-site SEO is a quality process. Search engines give quality scores to websites within the specified rules. The main items affecting these quality scores are; We can show our text and visual content, clean and fast code structure, user-friendly interface and main search engine tags that we use throughout our site. Our main goal in on-site optimization is to prove to search engines that we are quality and user-friendly, and to help search engines to scan our site.

What are the On-Site SEO Factors Considered by Search Engines ?

On-Site SEO Factors Considered by Search Engines

SSL Usage

With SSL certificate, you will be a secure site in the eyes of Google and your users.


Your site can be opened in two versions, www or non-www. Choose one and direct the other to it.

Meta Tags

Add unique title and description tags to your pages, relevant to your content.

Canonical Usage

It is the tag indicating the page URL that Google will prefer in indexes.


Create the right site map so that Google can discover your pages quickly.

SEO Friendly URL

Choose a catchy, short and clear URL structure.

Site Architecture

Think more about the category structure, menu, content location.

Use of Natural Language

Use natural language in your content and communicate with your users.

In-Site Linking

Create an internal link between pages in your content related to the subject.


Update your content. Don't let Google think you are an abandoned or shut down business.

Scan Budget*

Remove or index your pages with insufficient content or duplicate content.

Using Favicon

It is the logo that appears on browser tabs and search result pages.

Broken Pictures

You may have an image deleted. Broken pictures make your page look ugly.

Domain Importance

Choose catchy, branded domains. It is reassuring that your domain renewal period is long.

Page Speed

If your page speed is high, you'll satisfy the user and the search engines.

Heading Tags

Use tags in the correct hierarchy, specifying the main title and subheadings in your content.


Use the road guide to show the navigation between pages and the category structure.

Robots.txt Usage

Create a file called robots.txt and specify your indexing preferences.

404 Page Design

Prepare your users an effective 404 page for your old pages that are out of place.

Mobile Usability

Make sure your site is easy to use on every device.

Enriched Content

Enrich your content with original videos and images.

Original Content

Duplicate content harms your site. Original text and visual content make you unique.

Word Repetition

Avoid heavy repetitions. How many word repetitions can I do? Just be natural.

Font Size

Font size should not be less than 15px. Legible fonts should be preferred.

Broken Links

Follow your internal links constantly. There may be internal links to your 404 pages.

Visual Alt Tag*

You can tell your image to Google with visual alternative text.

Server Structure

Unshared ip, server response time, Gzip usage are the main server configurations.

Structured Data

Make Google understand your video, image and text content better.


 Off-Page SEO includes all interactions and posts outside of the Website. We can think of this work as increasing the popularity and awareness of internet projects. Off-site SEO is a highly sensitive issue that needs attention. Among the biggest reasons of the biggest mistakes in SEO work and the road leading to the removal of sites from Google; We can show off-site posts made to deceive Google. Off-Page SEO, which is unnatural and with artificial popularity, will endanger our site in the near future, if not today. Google is performing at a high level to detect such artificial posts. Websites, which are exposed to negative detections, lose their rankings over time and enter difficult ways to return.

What are the Off-Page SEO Factors Considered by Search Engines ?

Backlink Application

A backlink is when a website provides a link to another website as a reference. We can consider this situation as follows; If a website that is safe and popular by Google recommends you on its site and recommends it to its users, Google will have confidence in your site as well.

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