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For your best experience on internet, we’ve designed more than 1,000 websites for a wide range of customers. You can view the experience we provide to our clients, by taking a look over our website.


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What Types of Websites We Design ?

Static (Static) Web Sites

The contents of such web sites do not change frequently. In addition, content updates are not made by users. Such websites are for informational purposes rather than interacting with users. For example; Web sites for simple company promotion create information about the company and are not updated frequently.

Personal Web sites

Web sites containing personal information and experiences of individuals. For example: Web sites like Instructor blogs, Author blogs, Personal promotion blogs.

E-Commerce Sites

E-Commerce applications aim to sell products or services to customers online. The E-Commerce application creates all of the purchases made by the user on the internet via computers and mobile devices. It includes all stages and processes such as Selection, Payment, Collection, Shipping. E-Commerce sites are divided into two types: physical single stores or chain stores, and applications that sell only on the internet without a physical point of sale.

Directory Web Sites

They are sites that have the nature of a directory and catalog like the classic yellow pages. Such sites consist of very large lists or catalogs. For example, a list of all primary schools in a city.

Video Websites

The content of this type of website consists of videos. It can be pre-made videos or live streaming videos. Example: Like Youtube, Dailymotion.

Crowdfunding Web Sites

Web sites established for fundraising purposes. It is intended to receive support from individuals or legal entities such as charities, business investors and donation organizations Such websites also include philanthropic organizations, such as afforestation organizations, environmental cleanliness organizations.

Dynamic (Interactive) Web Sites

It is the type of web design that users interact most frequently. Dynamic websites are sites where their content is constantly updated frequently. For example, E-Commerce sites, Personal Blogs and News sites. The purpose of dynamic websites is to meet the continuous information needs of users.

Corporate Web Sites

It is the design made for the purpose of introducing the company or institutions. Customers who can purchase services for the target audience are expected to make agreements or contracts as a conversion. Such websites should show signs of trust, such as providing information on services and workflows, sharing key benefits and company goals, portfolio, testimonials, and reviews.

Sharing Web Sites (Stocks)

These are the types of websites where internet users can share various content such as music, photos, videos, graphics, copies and so on. Shares made can be offered to other users as paid or free of charge.

Education Websites

Online platforms to educate users. Such websites are websites made up of libraries and encyclopedias. also online professional courses, personal development courses, live lectures, etc. such as, websites where users can access educational content. In addition, it may include content such as museums, galleries, and exhibition websites.

Social Communication Web Sites

These are the websites established with the aim of creating platforms where people can exchange ideas and share their thoughts. Social Communication sites are generally created from content created by users, not for the purpose of promoting themselves.

News Web Sites:

They are established to inform users about the latest news. News websites can broadcast on certain topics or in general.

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Creative Web Design Services

EUROPE SOFTWARE AGENCY is an innovative company in the field of website design and graphic designing services. Now a day your website reflects you to the world through Internet. You can achieve your expectations in your business with your website because it works for you.

Anyone who wants to begin website then their site should be designed well with the experts to attract all clients. We at EUROPE SOFTWARE AGENCY offer Website Design Services to Individuals, Professionals and Small Business to the Large Business Groups.

To attract more number of customers to your website, our expert and affordable web designing services will help you to generate a unique internet presence for your website. Web designing for your website will improve your site ranking on the popular search engines. We at EUROPE SOFTWARE AGENCY help our client to improve their business worldwide through our professional Web Designing services.

Our EUROPE SOFTWARE AGENCY is a group of many teams of experts and professionals from the field of Information Technology and we use latest technologies for designing your site without any extra charges. We work day and night to provide our clients to deliver best possible results.

EUROPE SOFTWARE AGENCY has a team of expert web designers and we develop your web designing project within a week that any other web designers cannot do it. We will produce you the best web design service to your site but we need some input from your side. That is, you just provide us website content and remaining work is ours.

EUROPE SOFTWARE AGENCY will provide you web designing services at an affordable price. We satisfy your requirement whether it is for a basic HTML website, a content management system or E-Commerce/ Shopping Cart, logos, banners.

EUROPE SOFTWARE AGENCY provides cheap and best web designing services to every client within their budget and meet their requirements. We offer many web designing services to our clients. You just select the web designing service you want, we will do it.


To provide best business’ image and outlook on internet marketplace, we design convenient web, logo and social media design according to business model of our customer. Our only goal for our clients is to provide them success on web.

Europe Software focuses on creating unique, high-end web designs, print, and multimedia. to indicate that, we listed our focus points and aims on the following:

  • Concern on the needs and sensitivities of the website’s target audience
  • Use graphic elements to appropriate the demographics of your target audience
  • Providing a completed main message for Website
  • Using unifying elements to strengthen design throughout the site
  • Ensuring trust to the website and association owners

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